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In Berlin public transport is in adavance

BVG-TramIn many cities around the world, typically, people complain about the delays of public transport, but not in Berlin.

In Berlin the problem is that public transport (trams and buses) are in advance!
Even a few seconds per stop can be a problem: the seconds ahead and accumulate long racing, of course the anticipation grows, and this creates a problem for users.

The problem is tangible because it’s cold here in Berlin, and the people, relying on transport punctuality, they don’t want to stay too long on the street and they are going to stop just when it is scheduled to arrive, and it happens that the bus or tram is already gone!

The numbers speak for themselves: about 13% of the bus and about 8% of trams are in advance!
A “problem” of efficiency and smoothness of traffic (except during rush hours, in Berlin, is non-existent), the problem is greatest in the suburbs, where races are less frequent, and then if you lose one, you have to wait longer for the next.

A possible solution is to keep you informed conduceni of schedule, today the technology is our friend and allows many things!

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