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In Berlin the waste costs a lot

abfallWaste is bad, especially when it comes to public money (it could be used in a better way), and when the money wasted is a lot then it’s a real problem.

22.7 million, in just 4 years, for the collection of waste left on the streets.
That kind of money is crazy!

The problem is not the classic cardboard box with the ticket “Zu verschenken”, the real problem is that it seems that more and more people prefer the street as a place to get rid of what is no longer needed or is broken: toaster, washing machine, hair dryer, clothes, shoes, mattresses, broken furniture, etc. The streets of Berlin are becoming a public landfill.
In the first place there is the District of Mitte, followed by popular Friedrichshain, which cost 1.5 million euros in 2014, for the collection of rubbish in the street.
Almost 23 million in 4 years, to pick up items and various wastes that should not stand in the way.
Sabine Thümler, BSR’s spokesman, said that this figure is huge, all this money is used for a job that in theory should not exist, and that the money could have been used in the best way!

Everyone loves the streets of Berlin always clean, but if civilization and people’s interest are lost, the cost is not only moral, but also financial, and the evidence shows that it’s also very high.

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