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Is Berlin ready for refugees?

refugeesberlinThe situation is not easy and everybody knows, surely this is an extraordinay condition and the time is not helping.
Germans want to be guten menschen (good people), and they are very good to organize and to program, they are perfect when they have to prepare a plan, for everything, but what happens when they don’t have time to prepare a plan? What happens when they have to improvise in short time?

It seems Berlin is not really ready to help refugees: just two nights ago a group of 300 migrants needed to be moved due to conditions of the place where they was intended.
From a center in Spandau to another center in Friedrichshain, from bad to worse: the first place was a gym and there wasn’t food, water and not even toilet paper.
So they was moved to another gym in Friedrichshain, and the conditions was not very different: no food, no water, no doctor and not even enough bed: many matrasses placed on the floor.

The people are happy to receive and help refugees, indeed many aids arrive from volunteers: they provide food, water, clothes and some other services, but the biggest help should arrive from the government.
That’s why Monika Herrmann (Grüne – Green), after a visit to the place and her astonishment for the conditions, wants to more control for the aid operators!

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