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Italian culture in Berlin? Wunderbar!!

flAbout ten days ago, there has been a meeting between the Italian Minister of Culture, Franceschini and the German Minister of Culture, Grutters to discuss the cooperation of their countries on matters of culture. On this occasion, Grutters has praised Italy’s recent suggestion to establish “Culture Blue Helmets” to safeguard world culture heritages.

In Germany, and in particular in Berlin, there is a high level of activity which aims at promoting culture in all its different expressions. A strong input comes from Italians living in Germany as well by the Italian Government which has been entering into protocols of cultural cooperation between Italy and Germany since the 1950s and in particular since the early 2000s.

These protocols have foster the birth and development of a high number of institutes promoting Italian culture, Italian-German societies and bilingual schools. In particular, in Berlin it is very dynamic the Italian Cultural Institute with a series of worthy initiatives; it organizes courses and activities to promote culture such as the recently successful photographic exhibition: “UNESCO-Italia” sponsored by UNESCO which displays pictures by Italian photographers who presented Italian works of art through their lenses of interpretation.

Surfing through the web, we can notice how it is actually easy for Italians living in other cities away from their country to discover the identity which has characterized Italy, cradle of culture, art and history. It is therefore common to find activities organized by Italians in foreign cities such as Berlin which demonstrate the artistic and creative nature of Italians. For example, the website “Si Berlin” which in addition to offering languages courses, allows its readers to take part in a virtual tour of Italian culture. There are a lot of centers promoting Italian culture and its language and in particular it would be worth mentioning “La Melograna” which in addition to offering language and cooking courses, provides useful information and promotes activities aimed at children. Also “Berlinitaliano” with its group of Italian tourist guides takes visitors through the discovery of the whole city of Berlin as well as its hidden side.

Finally, it is very active the blog “Italiani a Berlino” which promotes Italian culture open to contributions and would welcome your ideas too, so that you can start wearing the Italian green-white-red helmet of culture!

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