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Karneval der Kulturen - Money controversy

karnevalderkulturenThe Karneval der kulturen is certainly one of the most important events in the city: besides being a pleasant and enjoyable holiday, is also a symbol of multiculturalism that distinguishes today’s Berlin.

The famous Krezuberg’s district festival should be self-financing, the funds should come from profits and from sponsors, but it’s not easy, which is why the festival receives an appropriation, and it received for the year 2016 about 830,000 euros (about triple than usual), the City Senate seems to be clear: this extraordinary financing will be probably unique.

Financing for the 2017 probably will return to normal: approximately 270,000 and the controversy is on the way.
Fabio Reinhardt (pirates) complains about this planned reduction, he fears that the Carnival is at risk and may not be able to finance itself.


Picture from Karneval der Kulturen website.

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