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Kirchensteuer – Religion and taxes in Germany

savIn these days, because of the case of Luca Toni, italian soccer player, a lot of people are interested to know about taxes for religion in Germany.
Well: if you are not religious, of course, you don’t have to pay taxes, but this must be official.

The procedure is relatively simple: you need to go to a court, bringing with with you the Anmeldung (here in Germany is used for just about everything!); at the court, specifically at an office called Kirchensteuerbefreiung you have to make a statement in which you claim to not follow any religion.

Once obtained this official declaration you must take it to the Finanzamt, where will be issued a further document, this last document is the decisive one: you have to give it to your employer, and you’re done! You are officially out of the games concerning religion and taxes.

But, of course, this means that you have lost any right regarding the religion.

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