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LaGeSo Berlin rejected

refugees berlinLaGeSo Berlin shows many flaws: very long queues, infernal bureaucracy, lack of housing, a real flogging!

About 500 new refugees arrive each day in Berlin, and the first step that they have to do is register at the office: the LaGeSo, but the office doesn’t seem to be up to the task, it was not prepared for such large numbers, and the Germans, you know, aren’t really accustomed to change, to adapt and to solve problems that were not foreseen.
The lack of elasticity is forcing refugees to long lines, sometimes even days, because german bureaucracy is inflexible and slow, in addition the staff isn’t sufficient and even after recording the waiting time for a “decision” from the staff LaGeSo is very long, and even when everything is done often refugees don’t have somewhere to stay.

The fault is not the large number of arrivals: in other cities like Munich shunting is much faster and more efficient, the fault (if is possibile to define it in this way) is the setting, in the approach to problem solving in other cities have decided to keep their offices open 24 hours a day, a natural adjustment to the situation of emergency.
Probably this would be a first step: extend the opening hours to avoid an endless wait.

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