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LEGO on wheelchair

legowheelchairFor the first time, LEGO created an action figure who is disabled. The little man debuted at trade fairs in Nuremberg and London, wearing a sweater and a skullcap, sat in a wheelchair with helper dog.
This is a huge step forward concerning the social perception on disability: it’s seen less and less as a problem and is associated more and more to normality, as it should be.

The LEGO decided to manufacture and market the action figure after the controversy of the last year when even was gathered about 20000 signatures for the giant toys to produce something that could represent disable people.

In fact last year there was a wheelchair into the production line, but was limited to the educational line sub-brand Duplo, and it hadn’t been successful: the wheelchair was just for one character and was a child.
This new wheelchair, however, follows the general philosophy of LEGO and is therefore for each character, which is the step forward that was expected!

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