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Marijuana legal, yes or no?

marjuana legal berlinYesterday (September 30, 2015) there was a political meeting at the City Hall, the topic was: the legalization of marijuana.
Leftist political groups are ready, they have always been, with projects in favor of legalization, but the topic is highly controversial.

Gottfried Ludewig, an health expert, said: “We aren’t talking about gummi bears, but about a drug that strongly damages health!”, manifesting clearly its disagreement.

A poll a few months ago showed that despite Berlin there is a consensus, it’s still only a minority of the population: just the 39% of the population would like to legalize marijuana.
Then again, nothing about the idea of making the legal use of marijuana, but for the public this may be only a political maneuver to attract consensus, with a view to future elections.

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