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Mauerpark, sport and charity

sportcharitymauerparkThe first edition of #BerlinHero43 (Berlin Hero “for free”) will take place at 10:00 a.m. on July 17 in Mauerpark!
It is a free sport event where the main purpose is charity and having a good time!

The goal of the competition is to find a person, who has the best combination of mental and physical skills, during the race, players will find different checkpoints with special tasks and instructions to follow. The competition is open to everybody – there are no limitations, and there will be 3 categories: individual, team, and wheelchair (the way will be adjusted for disabled people).
There is no subscription needed, everybody who wants to join, just needs to show up on the starting line on Sunday morning!

It is a new “digital” way of sport competition. Every participant needs a phone with internet access, Instagram account, QR scanner, Google Maps and a white napkin (to color). All the clues during the event will be uploaded online.

The participation in the competition is free, however with possibility to donate for a good cause!
The representative from the non-profit organization “Die Insel” will stand on the finish line (in Humboldthain Park), and collect the donations to help the chronically ill children in the hospitals!
The event is open for everybody, even if you don’t feel like competing, you can join at the end line, follow the crowd, take pictures, and have a good time with your friends, and family in between two beautiful parks in Berlin!

Here the Facebook event and the website.

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