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Mecklenburg sign

merkelAngela Merkel has lost the regional elections in Mecklenburg!
The Chancellor was undermined yesterday by second place by right-wing populists of the AFD.

An absolute debale for Angela Merkel, because the vote was seen as a verdict on her policies about refugees and a clear signal about legislative elections next year.
Also, to make it even more symbolic defeat, the fact that the Chancellor has for years on his own constituency in Mecklenburg, the Land North of the village, overlooking the Baltic Sea and fell at one time in the Ddr. These days marks the anniversary of the open door policy decided by Merkel in those dramatic days of August-September 2015, when thousands of Syrian refugees were crammed into Hungary. Agree with Vienna, Merkel decided to open the boundaries: for many, even in his party, a fatal error that gave the impression that Germany would accommodate endlessly migrants.

Last year about one million of refugees arrived in Germany, and with them the beginnings of discontent and fear among the Germans.
Mecklenburg, with just 1.3 million voters, is actually the Land with the least number of refugees (just 12.000) but the fear of an invasion sown by Alternative für Deutschland has borne fruit.
The party’s Federal leader Frauke Petry not aimed so much at provincial Government how to coagulate the most votes of protest to qualify in pole position for the legislative elections in the fall 2017.
The district is headed by Leif-Erik Holm, who said he hoped that the vote “is the beginning of the end of Merkel’s chancellorship”.
The Land will likely be ruled by an Spd-Cdu Grand Coalition, in Office for ten years.

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