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Moments of madness in Prenzlauer Berg

MadnessPrenzlauerBergPrenzlauer Allee, it’s about 13:30 when a dense gathering of police closed the street and focuses on the number 201.
A man is flipping objects through the window of his home, and police were alerted.

The man has barricaded himself in the House, and police officers, in riot gear, they had to force the door, but the “capture” of man was not easy: the man in order to not get caught began a sort of mole game, jumping from the window to the balcony and back, and the scene had cuffed both comedians that dramatic.


The comical side was the continued delay of police officers who appeared at the window and balcony not in time to stop it, and the dramatic side was the constant risk of falling from the third floor of the building.

After a few moments of panic the police managed to stop the man, clearly in a state of mental alteration, and secure environment.
Many objects thrown from the balcony which now lie on the road: objects of all kinds from simple compact disc to computer monitors and televisions, wooden boxes, books and pieces of glass.


Still are not clear the reason, and if the man is affected of some mental sickness or not, policemen are still operating.

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