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More control in Friedrichshain is needed

crimeTwo more robberies in Friedrichshain.
The coveted district of Friedrichshain, where all the young people want to live because it’s “cool” has an increase of violence and delinquency.

Two other robberies between Friday and Saturday mornings: Friday (September 4, 2015) night two men were arrested on Warschauer bridge for stealing mobile phones, and in the early hours of today (Saturday, September 5, 2015) another arrest: a very young boy (19 years old) was arrested for robbing a man in Revalerstraße; the robbery was committed by young and an accomplice.
The accomplice managed to escape because he was more sober than the young man, this last was little bit drunk and so he got arrested.

The City Hall responds with the idea of putting brighter street lights in the area, and of course more police.

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