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Musicians pay to be heard – Free concert and free tour

organEveryone knows (or should know) that Berlin is a very cultural city, where many events are free.

And when the desire to convey art and culture is so much, you get to something extraordinary: the musicians pay to be heard!

Not exactly, but we come very close: this afternoon there is a free concert at Sankt Matthäuskirche, a concert entitled “Music and Conscience: Bach and Bonhoeffer Songs of Petition, Peace and Proclamation”, and the musicians decided on a unique initiative!

At the entrance there will be staff Berlincolor (guides) that will mark the names of those who enter, and the first 50 guests can take a free tour of the city, offered by the musicians! The tour will last one hour, a bus will accompany the “winners” through the main tourist and historical stops of Berlin.
So in short: not only a free concert, but also a completely free tour to the first fifty!

More info here.

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