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New special Berliner in a box

berliner-in-a-box-nina-hagenAnyone is born in the 80’s remembers with love (and nostalgy) the Playmobil, those nice little platic dolls with a lot of gadget.
There were many themes with Playmobil: cities, different historical periods, and it was possible to play adventure with pirates or knights, to build houses with workers or extinguishing fires with firemen…

And today, in 2015, is also possible to play as a drag queen hipster, to play as characters in the book “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo” (of the writer Christiane F.) or the singer Nina Hagen, to be an Wall painter, and some others.

This is the idea of Dorit Bialer, an artist and designer that used the Playmobil puppets to create some typical stereotypes and icons of Berlin.
She is not new to this: she already used those puppets and transformed them in something else, but now she wanted to impress the Berlin sign on her idea “A Berliner in a box”, with something special adding some icons of Berlin, and the result is another success.

Here the website of Dorit Bialer and her products.

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