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No hot and wild sex for Berliners

nohotsInternet is now part of anyone’s life, it is no longer just a tool to do research, to communicate or to work.

Internet is used by many people for meetings of various kinds, and among them certainly romantic and sexual encounters are very common.

Recent statistics (anonymous) of the portal showed the tastes of the Germans: Berliners are more quiet in sex.Unlike neighbors in the south (seeking SM fantasies), unlike neighbors in the north (who like RP), the people in the capital aren’t looking for anything hot or wild.

Are Berliners boring? Too much “romantic”? Shy?
Or probably the life in a more chaotic and frenetic city affects the sexual desires of the people.

Those who live in slower and quieter cities have a natural need to look, in their private and intimate world, something more hot.
The fact is that in the portal are registered almost 600,000 from Berlin, whose majority wants cuddles and sweetness.
Sexual adventures and meetings… with cuddles and sweetness!

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