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Not every night is very nice in Revaler Strasse


A really violent august is in action, the robbery with stabbing in Revaler Straße (almost to death) is the topic of these days in newspapers.


We asked the police about the situation, it seems this is not an isolate case, maybe is just the most serious because the victim risked to die, but absolutely not the only one.

A little statistic says that the area around Revaler Straße and the bridge on Warschauer Straße is probably frequented by a little band of criminals; they are dangerous because they are violent. It seems if someone tries to react and not suffer a robbery they are ready to beat, to stab and to kill; maybe this is “normal”: in August, in summer, there are a lot of tourists, more than usual, and criminals know that tourists are the perfect victim to steal wallets, bags, phones etc, and of course Friedrichshain is a typical touristic destination for an evening!

But this year these crimes, in that area, are little bit different due to the violence that characterizes these delinquents.

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