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I now pronounce you husband and husband

gayweddingberlinBerlin August 14, 2016, a date to remember because for the first time a gay couple married in a church.
The Evangelical Church Marienkirche has married two men: Tim Kretschmer Schmidt and Sven Kretschmer, the ceremony was officiated by Pastor Eric Haußmann, who said: “Everyone is welcome, our Church doesn’t discriminate against anyone, and today is a clear example.”

The church ceremony was complete in all its rituals: ring exchange, promises, kiss and enrolment of the parish.
Many years were needed for this achievement: the Berlin regional Evangelical Church then officially opens the door to same-sex couples, Bishop Monsigneur Dröge declares that the Church can be home to all, and that the gender of a pair is not important.

This is a very important moment because social recognition crossed the line and has finally arrived in a church, here in Berlin, proving that the society is finally really evolving, that the walls of prejudice are culled from every direction!

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