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Olympics Games 2024 – Germany

BerOlOn 21 March 2015, the DOSB (German Olympic Committee) will decide which of the two cities will host the Olympic Games of 2024.
The two cities in contention are Berlin and Hamburg; the first has already hosted the games in 1936, however the second has never been at the forefront.
After the terrible events of 1972 (Monaco), Germany tried to win the role of the host in 2000, but that year it was decided to Sidney.
However the DOSB has not ruled out putting forward a candidacy for 2028, if the ‘Project 2024’ does not end positively.

Alfons Hoermann, president of the DOSB, says: “Berlin and Hamburg are two excellent candidates, we have to select the city that can be successful,” and in fact, a recent national survey proves it: 80% Hamburg and 79% Berlin; although, really, these numbers decrease when you ask the citizens: yes in Hamburg 53%, but for the inhabitants of Berlin numbers are absolutely different: 48% said yes, 49% said no and clearly a remaining 3% is indifferent.

After these results Hoermann says that to have public support necessary to better publicize the product.

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