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One Berliner out of eight is indebted

geldMany Berliners are with Calculator in hand and try to balance the accounts, at least that’s what they should do, sometimes with difficulties: according to Creditreform one Berliner out of eight is in debt.
For debt means that the monthly salary is lower than the costs, and this is the situation in Berlin, at the moment: 12.99% of Berliners are in debt.

The economy, unemployment and inflation are low, but the number of over-indebted people in Germany, whose debt and credit obligations exceed the monthly income is still high.
A slight migliroamento over the past year: 0.3%, but still one in eight is still very.
In this statistic have a strong weight seniors: they are 35% of the debtors, and their debt is much higher, it is about 50 € 480.

Another fact is that men are more likely than women to debt: the men’s average debt is approximately £ 34000, instead the women’s debt is € 27000.

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