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Pokemon Go in Berlin

pokemongoberlinA few years ago, in 1996, the Pokemon arrived in the life of everyone, especially younger, through television: a cartoon that had as protagonists some guys fighting using their Pokemon, which are little monsters with powers of all kinds.

Soon, as is often the case with cartoons, Pokemon became a trend that created games, action figures, video games and gadgets.
With the progress of technology trends have evolved, and today, in 2016, after twenty years since the birth of the Pokemon, a video game for mobile phones in a few weeks has already become more than viral: millions of people around the world have already downloaded: Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go quickly arrived in Berlin and already tens of thousands of users, of all ages, have fun with this augmented reality video game.
Basically in the display of your telephone you can observe the world around us with additions: little monsters to capture and eggs to find points to gain and seems to be a lot of fun.

But there are also scammers: because actually you see the map of the city as a navigator, with some “points of interest” (spots where you can find what you are looking for, and anyone can see these spots where are the places to go to recover what it takes to play, someone has already thought of tending traps: waiting in places rarely visited (e.g. parks, at night) the unlucky player, to rob him.
So a little care is necessary.

But except that in Berlin is now easy many people walking around with a phone in hand, looking for points and challenges!

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