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Red Wedding in Tempelhof

redweddingNo, this time it is not an episode of a TV series, but a true story.
Berlin’s Tempelhof district, Sunday, June 7, 2015, an unforgettable wedding.
Each marriage is certainly unforgettable, but this is it for different reasons: during the festivities, with the complicity of alcohol and mood light (maybe too light), some guests began to joke, and joke a bit too much.

Within minutes a friendly moment becomes a little hell: beatings, kicks, punches are the new protagonists, and there is no way to calm tempers.

Some of the guests, frightened by the brawl involving almost all, call the police.
They arrive in a few agents and are not enough, a policeman was even seriously injured in the head, hit with a chair.
Reinforcements are needed, and they arrive in the seventies, and finally manage to quell the riot.
Seven people are under arrest, but before going to the hospital.

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