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Robbery prevented by little girl

FestnahmeAlmost like David vs Goliath: yesterday eveningĀ (August 4, 2015) a 14 years old girl has shown courage and character to a rebel against injustice!

In the U-Bahn station Walther-Schreiber-Platz two pickpockets tried a strategy: while one holds the victim on the escalator, the other pulls away the bag; and last evening the victim was an elderly woman (78 years) in the company of her nephew (14 years); but something didn’t go as planned: the girl hasn’t been the passive and scared victim as expected, indeed she rebelled and retained one of the two thugs.

Immediately after the theft of grandma’s bag, the young (but brave) grandson prevented the 52 years old man man who hindered the passing away to reach his accomplice, she restrained the man until the policemen arrival, thus helping them to make the arrest.

On one hand this is a courage act to take as example, but on the other side it was an huge risk for both of them: the brave little girl and her grandmother: very often this kind of criminals are violent and armed.

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