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S-Bahn has new trains

sbahnYesterday in the factory at Schöneweide S-Bahn presented a visible model of his new train set, including a promotional video was made.

The convoys will be bright, spacious and for the first time in the history of the S-Bahn air conditioning.
The compartment for bikes and strollers will be marked in yellow, the seats for wheelchair users will be in close proximity to the driver.

For the first time the trains will be equipped with video surveillance, to improve the sense of safety of passengers.
In the new trains passengers will have more comfort than before. Thus, for example, on each side of the train there will be a display, so the passengers can be informed on the path and connections with other means, and all travel information should be available in real time.

The new trains will available in 2021 on the railway network of Berlin.
The S-Bahn Berlin GmbH had issued at the end of 2015 the order for a total of 382 new trains. The new trains will be built by Siemens and Stadler.

Picture: Stadler Pankow GmbH

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