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S-Bahn – Stop-Bahn

sbahnBerlin, May 20, 2015, S–Bahn is on strike, again.

The name S-Bahn is abbreviation for Stadtschnellbahn, but at this point it should be called Stopbahn, because this is the ninth strike, just since the beginning of this here.

This strike has a different face: it started today and will last until “unspecified date“.
The reasons are always the same: the drivers union (GDL).The strike could last days or hours,everything depends on the negotiations.
As usual there are short strokes, and alternative plan for mobility, to which the extract:

S1 – 20 Min
S2 – 20 Min (After 21:00 40 Min.)
S25 – Stop
S3 – 20 Min
S41 – Stop
S42 – Stop
S45 – Stop
S46 – 20 Min
S47 – Stop
S5 – 20 Min
S7 – 20 Min
S75 – Stop
S8 – Stop
S85 – Stop
S9 – 20 Min

Other info and alternative plan here.

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