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Stop stalking!

stalkerThe association for the victims of crime “White Ring” calls for a reform of the law on stalking, and his support comes Senator for Justice Thomas Heilmann: “The paragraph on stlaking in the Criminal Code should be changed urgently.”

Despite the salking is officially a criminal offense since about 8 years (introduced in the code in 2007), in Germany each year about 25,000 complaints are presented, and of these only one fifth go to court.

Stalking is one of the most destructive forms of psychological violence, victims often receive phone calls, visits, they are followed and observed; and often are forced to change phone number, address and, in severe cases, even work.
This kind of crime leaves psychological scars that should not be underestimated: very often the victims manifest relationship problems that go on for years.
Protect possible victims should be a priority, which is why the Weiße Ring pushes you to rewrite the law.

The Federal Minister for Justice, Heiko Maas, says that stalking is a topic on the agenda, but unfortunately there is still no bill, for the moment.

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