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Syrian refugees welcome to Germany

syrian refugeesThe refugee problem in Europe is becoming critical, due to the war and increasing number of people that escape (tens and tens of thousands every week).

Yesterday, 25 August, 2015, Angela Merkel, in a public speech, took a clear position regarding refugees, and it’s an open door, but not for all of them, only those who come from Syria can come to Germany.
In other countries (like Serbia, Albania and Kosovo) there isn’t a war, so Angela Merkel said there isn’t a real need to accept them.
But the war in Syria is an extraordinary condition, then the government suspended the expulsion of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Germany.

“A country like Germany, stronger financially than others, must accept a higher number, but three or four out of twenty-eight countries cannot undertake alone of such a task!”, with these words Angela Merkel invites EU to do the same.

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