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The Batcave was found!

batmobileAfter the Star Wars Google game (to coincide with the release of the latest film of the famous saga), another google trick, this time is inside google maps, and it’s left with the movie Batman vs Superman.

You just have to open the website Google Maps, you have to type “Bruce Wayne’s Residence” (only those exact words will work) and you will be taken to the Orion Township, Michigan where he placed the most famous billionaire’s home in the Dc World.

Use Street View to access directly into the beautiful living room with glass walls,  you will see a dark corridor on your right, follow it and with a few clicks you will be sent in the Batcave.
There you can find the Batmobile, some weapons and other interesting stuff like an armor under construction (this can be a light spoiler if you didn’t see the move, but not so much!).

And, if you want, you can also read some fake reviews of Wayne Residence (at the moment they are 987) to have fun.

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