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The bieryoga is born in Berlin

bieryogaDo you like yoga?
Do you like beer?
Perfect! Now it’s possible to combine the two things!

You can’t deny that Berlin is the capital of the news!
And in fact right here in the German capital, “nation of beer”, was born the Bieryoga: a yoga session, drinking beer!

It can seem like a game, something to laugh, but it’s not at all: in fact practicing yoga and drink beer at the same time makes it both more difficult, and simultaneously prepares the mood so softer.
The idea is to Jhula, a yoga teacher who decided to combine two of his greatest passions.
Since many people enjoy yoga, and almost everyone loves beer (at least in Berlin), this newborn project has the potential to grow and become a new type of yoga.
The cost for participation is absolutely accessible to anyone: 5 euros plus the cost of beer!

Here on the Bieryoga website there are all information about where and when.

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