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The fake graves of Berlin

fake grave berlinSunday, June 21, 2015, approximately 5000 people gathered in front of the Reichstag, this event “Die Toten Kommen” against the immigration policy of the EU, and the thousands of deaths that occur each year for those trying to enter illegally, in EU countries.

Many among them were dressed in black with their faces painted white, or with their faces painted black, they brought empty coffins, wooden crosses, tombstones and funeral candles, in response to the Government’s refusal to grant permission to bury the bodies in Germany.
And as a symbolic gesture they dug small graves in the meadow in front of the Government Palace, in an unauthorized area (breaking the fence), thus the police intervention that has made some arrests.

But this gesture of disapproval is not only limited to the lawn in front of the Reichstag, yesterday, many small graves have “appeared” scattered throughout the city: parks, green spaces and flowerbeds to the sides of the roads have been targets of the demonstration.

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