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The gray sky above Berlin

feuer dong xuan berlinFinally spring had peeped here in Berlin, and had brought green, short-sleeved shirts and smile for those who live in this city.

The parks were filled and people finally have been able to enjoy the blue sky.
Until this morning, when due to a large fire the sky is completely covered in smoke.
A smoke smelling and full of toxicity for its origin: the fire is consuming the Dong Xuan Center, a kind of Chinese commercial centre in Lichtenberg.
Food and textiles manufactured and packed in China, packaged in plastic casings that is burning, in addition to the many gadgets and objects of all kinds, plastic, that continue to feed the flames.

The causes of the fire are still unknown, and firefighters are currently engaged to reduce damage to a minimum, but still many explosions are going on, probably gas canisters and spray bottles are in the middle of the fire.

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