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The Midnight Run in Berlin

midnightrunberlin2015On August 15, 2015 is Saturday, and if you go for a night out with friends, beware: you might meet a bunch of “strange people” that do strange things.

Actually they are not crazy and the things they do are not strange, this is The Midnight Run project; after Rome, Paris, Madrid, London, Barcelona and other cities it’s time for Berlin.
The tenth edition of this artistic and cultural project will be held in Berlin.

In fact it’s a walk through the city, a walk documented by photos and videos, with a path and some predefined stages, the rest is the result of imagination and improvisation: art performances, games, music, street art, food and some toast from dusk till dawn.

A new way to discover the city through a lens with artistic nuances not always conventional.

The project is sponsored by UNESCO and donates 50% of the proceeds to charity.

More info and details here.

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