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The movie star Claire Danes talks about Berghain

clairedanesThe actress Claire Danes talks about Berghain in tv show.
It’s well known that Berlin is the place where in summer some scenes from the tv series Homeland were performed, so it’s happened that Claire wanted to visit the most famous club of this city, she spent an evening into Berghain.

In a tv talk show “The Ellen Show”, presented by Ellen DeGeneres, Claire Danes tired to explain something about this club and the type of music and, of course, the face of TV presenter was amazed when Claire said that the club is open all the weekend and a lot of people stay inside also for 2 days, with that kind of music!
Of course this is something that just Berghain people can understand, the rest of the world can just imagine how is possible to stay at a club for 15/20 hours with that kind of music!

The video has gone viral in Berlin, making the Berghain even more famous.

Here the video from the youtube channel TheEllenShow:

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