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The scammer pusher

cocA Saturday night like many others, for some, but not for two Israeli tourists.
Willing to spend a night a bit different, the two boys decide to buy cocaine, before going to dance.

Near the Club der Visionäre they seek and find a drug dealer and buy what they wanted.
Inside the club they decide to consume, and they realize that it was not cocaine but bicarbonate.

Wishing to have the real cocaine, the naif guys go out and seek the pusher: a black boy, they find him and ask to have real cocaine, the boy invites them to follow him, and walk their way to the Görlitzer Park, once they was in the vicinity of the park the dealer says two tourists to wait while talking with a colleague.

After a few minutes he approached the two tourists with something in his pocket, once he arrived at the right distance pulls out his hand but instead of cocaine was pepper spray.

The pusher, after thoroughly sprayed the two tourists, ran away like hell.
The two boys had to go to hospital for strong pain and eye irritation.

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