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The terrible six

ryanairThe pilot of a plane of the Ryanair took off from London to Bratislava was forced to make an emergency landing in Berlin due to the incredible racket made by a group of British travellers.
Tthey decided to celebrate a friend’s stag harassing hostesses and other travellers.

The group of friends, all drunk, started to scream loud and disgustingly just minutes after takeoff. Six of them were known for rudeness, knocking on a rampage the stewards and dozens of passengers.
The situation has degenerated and the commander, informed about what was happening, he couldn’t do anything but contact the control tower of the airport of Berlin and request permission to land.

German police very welcomed them: the British travellers were stopped and detained a few hours in the barracks.
All have between 25 and 28 years and, in front of the officers in uniform and at the prospect of having to pay a fine very salty, have become very calm and quiet. They explained that they were “just celebrating a bachelor party”.
Too bad that they were doing ten thousand meters above sea level, asking doggedly to drinking alcohol and harassing dozens of travelers.
The six will have to pay a fine of 25,000 euros and Ryanair faced a civil suit.

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