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The tree of books is a real evergreen

booktreeIt’s not a coincidence that is located in Berlin: a city of art and culture like few in the world.

It’s been seven years since, in 2008, was planted” the tree of the books.
In the district of Prenzlauer Berg, is Sredzkistr., almost at the corner Kollwitzstr., it’s a real library, can hold about 100 books, and the books are available to all, on one condition: anyone who wants to take a book must leave one instead of the one taken!

The project by Baufachfrau is still much more than functional, dozens of people every day still use the tree of the books as a real library.

Novels, treatises, books to study and most diverse subjects; in short: books of all kinds.
Because the culture must be shared and, as a tree by its fruit, the culture can not give bad results!

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