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The two Nazis at the moment are free

GerechtigkeitFew days ago something happened that has created quite a stir: two men were arrested because they insulted a non-German family, and spat and urinated on two children.
The news has been around the world, and it is a cause for indignation and shame in the eyes of the world.
Many witnesses have called police and Robert s. (37) and Christoph s. (32) were arrested a few minutes later.

Although they have a long list of previous convictions for theft and drug use of unconstitutional symbols (Nazis) were released by the police and are therefore free because at the time the offences committed do not allow detention.
The two said they did not have urinated, they really say they have only mimed the gesture.

But the nature of this offence, a crime of hatred, is really one of the worst things that human nature can conceive; why further investigations are in progress in order to condemn the two neo-Nazis.

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