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Thousands protest against TTIP

demoToday Berlin is hosting the demo against TTIP.

TTIP:  Transatlantic Trade and Investment-Partnership, the aim is, to simplify the economic regulations (e.g. customs duties and other trade barriers) between EU and USA.
The opening of the transatlantic markets is supposed to reduce the restrictions for commercial services, improve
investment security and equality of competition and simplify the access to public businesses at all governmental

And many Germans don’t like it: at 12 o’ clock this morning some thousands of people started to gather at the Central Station, their path will be arriving to Großen Stern, at the centre of the Tiergarten, they will go through the streets of downtown including: Reinhardtstraße, Friedrichstrasse, Dorotheenstraße, Scheidemannstrasse, Yitzhak-Rabin Straße and Straße des 17. Juni.
Many adherents of the path of the event will of course be closed, creating many problems for traffic circulation.

The forecast is from 50.000 to 100.000 people for this demo.

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