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To-go is not a brand

kaffee to goWe received a letter from our reader, she wrote about something really fun:

Hello, my name is S., I’m 28 years old, I’m Berliner, and I work in a Cafè in Prenzlauer Berg, since 2009.
Everyday always the same: about 10/12 people per day join in our bar and ask “Ein Togo Kaffee zum hier, bitte”, in practice, they see our signboard out of the door, where we list some products, and in the list there is “KAFFEE TO GO”, so they join and ask for a coffee to go, to drink here, clearly they confuse the “to go”, probably they think is the name of a brand of coffee, maybe from Africa.
This thing makes us laugh so much, all of us who work at the bar are always amused, but what is really strange is that they are not tourists, or foreigners, are the Germans to ask!
Almost every bar, restaurant, etc., offers the coffee to go service, how can they misunderstand so often?.

So… maybe it was better to be more specific about products, in Berlin; because Germans take everything literally!

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