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Until the daylight – Berghain

undlcInstead of the usual Metropolis or Gotham City, this time the location of the comics we’re talking about is Berlin, specifically is the Berghain: Until the daylight.

The author of the comic, Rosario Salerno, an Italian artist, graduated from the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Bologna, as well as teacher of sculpture, Berlin fell in love with at first sight, and decided to come and live there.
We asked Rosario Salerno if his comic was autobiographical, told us: “I am a lover of the nightlife and electronic music, I like to meet people in a spontaneous way.”
And here its result: a comic book that spoke of people whose are into nightlife and have a common denominator so picturesque as the Berghain.
Certainly distinctive and different from the “usual comics,” this comic talks about excerpts of daily (nightly) life, of kindred souls, night people!In addition to sculpture, including future projects of Rosario, there is an interesting review of the Tarot of Marseilles (inspired by the book “The Way of the Tarot”, Alejandro Jodorowsky).
Thank Rosario Salerno for the time he gave us, and we are looking forward the new works of this very interesting artist.More info about the comic Until the daylight.
The website of Rosario Salerno and his projects.

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