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Urban Gardening

UrbGaEven people without a land, even those without access to a private space can try to gardening, with a little bit of fantasy: Urban Gardening!

The Urban Gardening manages to combine ecology, environmental protection, and a little bit art; it show love for the city; the desire to share the healthy and beauty is always strong in this city.

Planting a few seeds in the border of a tree, or create vessel with improvised objects, or simply decorate the door of a building with climbing plants.
A little imagination and you can totally change the face of an area.

That is the purpose: to embellish and at the same time to create small and disposes green, and more and more often you come across little creations, sometimes in the most unexpected places, such as inside the S-Bahn station Bellevue, where a gate was adorned with plants, containers of fruit juice and milk have been used empty in place of the vessels!

Of course even this, like any form of gardening is relaxing; then the benefits are for everyone: observers and creators!

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