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Vegan cooking school

vegcookAfter 7 years teaching cooking in Australia, Cate Lawrence of A Travelling Cook brings her experience and passion to Berlin! Do you have dietary restrictions? Does the thought of cooking for a vegan make you nervous? Want to learn something new? Want to reduce your consumption of packaged foods? Then these classes are for you! A Travelling Cook offers various courses on plant based cuisine.

Each workshop lasts one day and you will learn to make products such as jam, nut cheese, tofu, meat free roasts and other delicacies. Included in the course price are delicious snacks and a sit down meal. After the participants have had a great day, they go home with their self-made products and instructions of the newly acquired skills.

All you have to bring an apron, a bag for your delicious creations and good humour. Classes are held in English, in writing, with full recipes and instructions available in English (and Deutsch by request).

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