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Velodrom for refugees

VelodromBerlinSpeed and urgency are needed, because refugees are coming and they need a place to be received.
The City Hall staff is considering a lot of options to receive refugees, the problem is that some of the options, also if they are very good, are not fast to realize.

One of these options seems to be very good: the Velodrom; the winter is coming and of course is not possible to leave them in a field into some tents, they need a closed space for the cold, of course.
Maybe the Velodrom could be a good temporary solution: the structure was built to host the Olympic Games, then it were used for some sport competitions and music concerts, it’s able to contain thounsands of people, so it was a very good solution as initial reception, until they are not able to have a flat, or the government doesn’t find a a better solution and in any case it’s not an open space, so the winter cold would not be a threat.

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