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Venus 2016 - Another great succes

micbnb-1Also this year we gone to Venus, the 20th anniversary of the biggest fair of pornography in Europe, and this year we talked to manufacturers, distributors, and industry specialists of pornography, who worked a whole year to collaborate on this event.

An event that also this year has hosted more than thirty thousand visitors requires a great deal of organization: only a week after the end of the year, the staff and management were working hard to organize the 2016 edition.
This edition was special: the twentieth anniversary for Venus, which was surrounded by many side events, many clubs such as the famous Insomnia, they hosted actors and actresses in this weekend of eroticism.

Also this year the exhibitors were really a lot, the gadgets and innovations leave almost breathless: technology infiltrates sinuously in the world of sex, and this mix gets to produce amazing accessories; in fact one of the biggest stars of Venus this year was the VR.
Many companies now produce movies in VR, namely virtual reality: using special glasses you can experience virtual reality 360°or 180°, and the interaction is really realistic and we are confident that this trend will grow more and more: the request and response of the public are constantly increasing.

We also spoke with some executives of production companies like Magmafilm and Inflagranti, which they confirmed that although the internet is the largest warehouse of sex, quality is always a hallmark, and seldom high quality material is on the internet (the files would be enormous), usually high quality products are designed for DVD market or for TV adult channels.

Another strong point of the Venus is the “amateur” performers: many girls, girls next door, are sexy performers through sites such as Visit X, where anyone can become a star of porn and eroticism online, from the comfort of your own home. This is also a rapidly growing sector.

Scientific advances bring high quality results even for accessories like dildos, that by now have various features: from remote control (wireless and also internet) to light electrostimulation.

And then there are the inflatable dolls that are no longer simple balloons full of air, now there are manufacturers who make dolls with special characteristics: realism to the touch, expressiveness, adjustable temperature and some also emit sounds (moans, moans and shouts) that are produced automatically and in direct connection with the activity of the doll, these dolls are also customizable: is possible to order a doll who looks like someone specific.
Also this year of course many shows have attracted much attention, the area for ladies with male performers was absolutely full, and many actresses and models gone around to sign autographs and get pictures with guests.
Here the list of stars of this year:
Venus stars

This twentieth edition of Venus had four special testimonials : Micaela Schäfer and Mia Julia were flanked by Lexy Roxx and Sarah Joelle Jahnel, four beautiful ladies for an event more than well managed, again.

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