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Venus Berlin 2015 - More than sexy fair

venus 2015This year the Venus Berlin, the 19th edition, was great!
About 30.000 visitors in four days, to see the latest news in the erotic and sexy world.

The Venus is a little glimmer of a very huge world.
Of course you could find realistic dolls, movies, books, and gadget of any kind, but this edition was absolutely amazing: exhibitors of any kind of products, from sexy classic lingerie to technological new frontiers of movies like 3D viewer (a sort of glasses) to live an experience like the actor in the movie; also regarding toys: there were toys of every type, shape, color and size, and even “greener”, biodegradable materials and some wood (processed with a special technique to make them suitable for the purpose), remote controlled toys (including via internet) for couples who want to enjoy an intimate moment even when they aren’t physically in the same place.

There were also professional doctors to give explanations about plastic surgery and their products, new type of products for depilation… because the Venus treated also the body care: a sexy body is first of all a healthy body!

Also a stand for erotic hypnosis, for the people (and couples) that want to go deeper into their desires and fantasies, there was also stand of a company that organizes travels for swinger couples and singles.

The technology and photography mixed together to create a new kind of gadget, the realistic statuette: people can enter, with their sexy idol, in a cabin in which 72 are installed cameras that take a photographic from 72 different angles, creating a 3D image, and with the help of charts, prepare a model for a 3D printer, and have not just a picture, but a miniature reproduction of themselves with their idol!

Of course, there was also the fetish corner, although it was more of a corner, an entire hall dedicated to the world of bdsm: bondage techniques, tools and gadgets for experienced and inexperienced!

A note to women that, in the stand dedicated to them (men striptease shows), were the ones yelling more than anyone!

But of course the main attraction were the stars, established and emerging, thousands of fans have wait for them to get autographs and take pictures, a lot of stars from all over Europe, not just pornstars but also erotic models, the list is very huge.

But a new type of sexy stars is arriving in this world: the camgirls, they are just the girls next door, that simply like to show themselves (they are not shy), and they do shows from their home using the camera of their computer. There are a lot (hundreds) of websites that provide this service, and this seems to be a booming industry.

And of course the two beautiful testimonials of Venus: Micaela Schäfer and Mia Julia, they spent about 4 four days signing autographs and taking pictures with their fans, and they have really a lot of fans, and after hours and hours they still were gentle and nice!

In short the Venus was, again, a success: it was sexy and erotic in a very elegant and interesting way!

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