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When the true love is a pole

XeniaIn this article we already have talk about the pole dance scenes in Berlin, and again we met someone who is into this world, but this time she’s a dancer, a different one, an artist and performer absolutely gothic pole dancer.

Xenia Black is an italian girl who lives in Berlin, and in this city she expresses herself with the dance… on the pole. She comes from ballet, classic ballet, and this gave her the basis of the dance; but to understand her a little bit we asked how she arrived to pole. The first sentence really impressed us because She sees the pole as the horizontal bar of the classic dance that simply evolves to vertical! “The pole dance – she said – is not just dancing or just erotic dance! It can be the perfect expression of the inner struggle, through the pole dance i can show my soul “. Xenia is not a simple dancer: she uses the dance, and this houses the pole dance, as a sum of her background, not just the sporting side: she had classical studies in Italy, and it means she Studied the history of Greece, its philosophy, its literature … and maybe probably from the old Greek dramas she get inspiration and strength: every movement she does, she uses every soundtrack is the perfect expression of her feeling.

Xenia is also a painter and in her paintings you can see her strong gothic side that appears and give its imprinting. During the interview we had the feeling she is the soul mate of Batman of the pole dance, because She was very open to us and she shown her soul and her feelings: a complicated and labyrinthine mind very dark (but not in a bad way), where the pole dance found a place as exit for all her feelings and thoughts.

After she saw a performance of Jenyne Butterfly, who inspired Xenia a lot, for her elegant style and her skill. Elegance, grace, lightness, sensuality, war, passion and eroticism: you can see all of this in Xenia’s performances, in every single movement, in every look, in every gesture.
She tries to tell a tale with every performance and everyone is a little drama, a short version of Hamlet, where you can find all the most deep feelings: love, passion, rage, death and eroticism; yes because Eros and Thanatos are deeply rooted in human nature, at least for the people who are aware enough to see what we all have inside, expressed with delicacy and grace, like a carillon dancer!


Xenia does not dance with a default of the pole dance style, this makes Xenia a sort of outspoken of pole dance: she cares about tricks and fixed position, but just a little bit, her way to dance, to perform is unique because it is hers, she manifests herself when she dances, each performance is different because any show is conditioned by the moment and the mood; Xenia is a kind of avant-garde, and certainly experimenter of this dance style that is developing in recent years.

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