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With Tinder is easier for Berliners

tindApparently the young Berliners want easy things.
And surely Tinder, a mobile application that connects single people (and not single) in a very simple way: you look at the photo and expresses interest by clicking on a heart in the picture, even if the other person does the same then the two will know that there is mutual interest, if it was only one to do it, the other will not know anything.
Like a supermarket where people are the products.
This is the result of a small survey carried out recently in Berlin, the sample, between 18 and 22 years, gave a very clear answer: “Flirting is boring, and it’s also difficult,” the boys say, “At least with Tinder you know immediately if there is interest or not, and if not… i don’t waste time. ”
And the other side of the girls explained: “There aren’t other ways, face to face the berliner boys are shy, they don’t know what to say, they need the protection of a display!”.
This is the result of a world where actually the human relationships are dying; the pleasure of conquest, the fun of flirting … all things that seem to be not interesting for the younger generation who want everything and immediately, without having to “fight”, they don’t like the idea to seduce!
If on one side it’s understandable to have easy goal (and therefore
desired) on the other side it’s clear that these guys are missing something!

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